"The team I got through autobuyer nn was this one. Thanks to him, I got top100 2 times from WL. In fact I've been playing fifa since fifa 16, and I never imagined having such a team."

— Evandro Ferreira, Brazil


“Great app, thanks to him I was able to set up a great team.”

— Rafael Brasil, Brazil

vinicius vieira.jpeg

“In 3 months of AutobuyerNn I was able to build this team there. The program is excellent without any risk of ban, market timeout just for those who can't use it. ”

— Vinicius Vieira, Brazil

rafael sartori.jpeg

"In the last fifas I won a good knowledge in the market, in fifa 19 I decided to buy Autobuyernn to help me in the trades.
In fifa 19, in December, with the aid of the program already had an average of 25 million profit and ended up getting rid of the account.
In March I came back with everything in a new account and in 5 months I got over 30 million coins and a great team that helped me get Elite 1 on WL,
I highly recommend this program, very safe and offers a great help in winning a lot of coins and setting up your cast. "

— Rafael Sartori, Brazil

"I bought Autobuyer NN at the FIFA 19 Launch, and with just two and a half months I already had this team. Then I ended up stopping with FIFA. But at FIFA 20 I will come back with Autobuyer NN, better investment ..."

— Márcio Almeida, Brazil

marcio almeida.jpeg
victor ferreira.jpeg

"Thanks to the trades with Autobuyer N.N I set up this team at FIFA 19. Without him I never had a team anywhere near it ..."

— Victor Ferreira, Brazil

"And for my first year playing FUT and using Autobuyer N.N, I did well."

— Bruno, Brazil


"I set up this selection just buying and selling consumables with Autobuyernn"

— Roberto, Brazil

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